Destinations Arkadia

Ancient Megalopolis was situated at the northwest side of the modern Megalopolis on the banks of Elisonas River. The city of Ancient Megalopolis survived about two centuries however it was a significant city of Arcadia

Megalopoli means “Big City” in Greek and was one of the most important ancient cities of Peloponnese. Modern Megalopoli was built close to the ancient city and today has more than 11.000 residents. Besides the surrounding antiquities, Modern Megalopoli is known for its thermoelectric plants and the lignite mining which are the main economic activities in this city.

Tripoli is located at the centre of Peloponnese and is a city known for its important part in the modern history of Greece. Theodoros Kolokotronis, the famous general of the Greek Revolution, is a historical figure of the city since he was in charge of the operations which led to the liberation of the city in 23rd of September in 1821.

Orchomenos of Arcadia. Orchomenos was a prehistoric settlement of Arcadia and one of the most ancient cities in the area. According to Greek mythology, the settler of this city was Orchomenos, the son of Lykaonas. Also the great Greek poet, Homer mentioned the city of Orchomenos in his poems. He named the city “Polimilon” which meant abundant in sheep.

Leonidio “The descendants of the Dorians” . This elegant seaside village offers a plethora of emotions. The singular architecture of the mansions and the towers as well as the beautiful nature which is an amalgam of sea and mountain won’t disappoint the visitor.

Dimitsana located 60 km far from Tripoli at altitude of 1.000 m, is the great surprise of Arcadia. Maybe the most beautiful traditional settlement of Menalo Mountain, is ideal destination for all times of the year.