Ancient Megalopolis was situated at the northwest side of the modern Megalopolis on the banks of Elisonas River. The city of Ancient Megalopolis survived about two centuries however it was a significant city of Arcadia

Ancient Messini is one of the most important excavated cities of Greece. The ancient city is well preserved due to the fact that it was never destroyed or covered by a newer settlement. Inside the archaeological site the visitor will find sanctuaries, public buildings, houses, fortifications and funerary monuments.

According to the Greek Mythology, the Argeian prince Pritos was the founder of the city. Pritos conflicted with his brother Akrisios and found shelter in Lykia. He returned from Lykia to this location along with the Cyclopes who built in his favor the monumental walls, also known as cyclopean walls.

Areopoli is a well preserved historical town with stone paths and traditional tower houses which were built for social and defensive reasons. The town took its name from the Greek God of War Ares and was the capital of the historical district of Inner Mani (Mesa Mani). Like the rest of the Mani settlements, Areopoli is known for the contribution during the battles of Greece against the Ottoman Empire.

Being the most ancient city of the world, Argos is a city with rich history and a lot of monuments and remarkable sights to visit. During Antiquity Argos was one of the most important cities of Greece and Homer used to call all the Greeks Argaeans, a name which derived from the word Argos, due to the importance of this ancient city.

Korinthos is a seaside city with imposing hills and important archaeological monuments. It is located at the east side of the Corinthian Gulf, northeast of Peloponnese. The visitor of the modern city will find a beautiful city with wide streets, squares and a picturesque harbor.

Kyllini “The historical harbor”. Kyllini is situated at the northwest of Peloponnese. Kyllini, in geographical terms, includes the wider districts of Kyllini, Kastro, Kato Panagia, Neochori, Loutra Kyllini, Golden Beach (Chryssi Akti) etc. For the locals though, the word Kyllini is used for the limited area of the harbor.

Megalopoli means “Big City” in Greek and was one of the most important ancient cities of Peloponnese. Modern Megalopoli was built close to the ancient city and today has more than 11.000 residents. Besides the surrounding antiquities, Modern Megalopoli is known for its thermoelectric plants and the lignite mining which are the main economic activities in this city.

Monemvasia “The nature’s piece of art”. Monemvasia is the little historical city built on a mass of rock which is connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge of 130 meters. The name Monemvasia, which in Greek meant “the only access”, came from the singularity of this place.

Nafplio (Argolida) “999 reasons to visit this town and the stairs aren’t one!”

This town has it all! Nafplio is the most popular city in northeast of Peloponnese, ideal for romantic weekends, families, history enthusiasts, nature lovers as well as for those who want to spend their time in some beautiful beach sunbathing, swimming and practicing water sports. Nafplio is a picturesque old city known to be the first capital of the newly formed state of Greece after the Greek War of Independence. It was the capital of Greece from 1828 until 1833, when Athens became the new capital.