The simple but amazing life of the Greek people.

People in the Peloponnese region used to breed animals for food and raw materials. They would breed animals like sheep, goats, horses, chickens, e.t.c. They would use the materials taken from the animals such as wool, horns, leather, fat, bones and hair to create tools, clothes, weapons, instruments e.t.c. Other raw materials were the meat and the milk. The Greek world was more colorful than we can imagine. People would search and find natural ingredients such as flowers, plants, shells and even insects and after a little process, they would extract dyes from all the above which would be used to dye their fabrics and even paint their armors and shields. Scientists used ultraviolet light on marble statues which revealed that they had color.    Greek people were also farmers. Even though farming with simple tools was difficult, their strength and their persistence made it possible. A visitor would find cereal crops such as wheat and barley, trees such as olive trees, apple trees, pomegranate trees and vegetables such as onions, cabbage and garlic. Greek people would also cultivate grapes which would use to make wine, one of the most important products of their daily life. Life was challenging but people managed to cope with it. All these couldn't happen without the determination and patience of the Greek people.