The New Year's cake (Vasilopita)

Vasilopita is a traditional New Year's cake that the Greek people make on the New Year's Eve and gets sliced and shared the moment that the year changes. Following the Greek tradition each family member and any visitor present at the time, gets one piece of the pie which may contain a coin. Like the custom commands, the person that makes the Vasilopita puts a coin into the dough before baking it. Then, when the year changes and the Vasilopita gets slicedĀ  and the person that finds the hidden coin, is going to be the luckiest person of the New Year! This custom is associated with Saint Basil's day in Greece, which is the first day of the New Year, January 1. According to the legend, Saint Basil tried to stop the siege of city Caesarea so he asked the city's citizens for help. He asked them to gather every valuable item that they had in their possession so that they could raise a ransom payment to stop the city's siege. But by a miracle, when the enemy saw their actions, called off the siege without collecting the gold and the jewellery that they had gathered. Saint Basil then, tried to return all those items, but he had no way to know which item belonged to whom so he put all of the jewellery and gold into dough, made loaves of bread and distributed them to the city. Then something unbelievable happened.... By a miracle, every family found their own items in those loaves of bread.