Mythical river Lousios

Lousios is a mythical Greek river and a gorge that is located in the Peloponnese peninsula in the western Arcadia. It stretches from the village Karytaina north to the village Dimitsana and empties into Alfeios river. People use the river and the surrounding area for activities such as rafting and hiking.Walking by the river side, makes people admire this mysterious place. The sound of the flowing water, the shadows that the trees cast upon the ground and the hikers, contribute to the mysterious feeling that surrounds all those who pass by the region. Rafting on the river might be a challenging experience but the adrenaline caused by this extreme sport, makes all those involved feel unprecedented power. Tiring as it may sound, is a fascinating experience, that anyone who dares try it, would not be disappointed. According to mythology, Lousios is the river where god Zeus washed after his birth at the river's sources. Travelers who decide to go hiking in this enchanted region will feel like explorers in an unknown place they might "discover" the region's hidden monasteries called Prodromou and Philosofou.