The modern city of Nemea is located at the northeast side of Peloponnese and today has about 7.153 residents. Nemea was a Nymph and the daughter of Asopos River. Close to Nemea there is the village Ancient Nemea where you will find the beautiful archaeological site with the sanctuary of Zeus and the stadium. Here was the place where the Nemean Games took place.

Orchomenos of Arcadia. Orchomenos was a prehistoric settlement of Arcadia and one of the most ancient cities in the area. According to Greek mythology, the settler of this city was Orchomenos, the son of Lykaonas. Also the great Greek poet, Homer mentioned the city of Orchomenos in his poems. He named the city “Polimilon” which meant abundant in sheep.

Patra is one of the largest cities of Greece which attracts many visitors especially during the spring season when the famous carnival of the city takes place. Besides the carnival, Patra offers plenty of monuments to visit, beautiful beaches, the famous wine and liquors and its magical sunset!

Pilos “The place with continuous historical presence since the prehistoric times”. This little seaside town at the southwest of Peloponnese has played an important role during the history of Greece. It was the kingdom of Nestor, the wisest among the leaders of the Trojan War. In addition the known Battleship of Navarino in 1827 took place here resulting in the defeat of the fleet of the Ottoman Empire.

Modern Sparta is located between the mountains of Taygetos and Parnonas at the valley of Evrotas River. It is constructed at the same location with the homonym ancient city and is surrounded by a fertile valley of olive trees, orange and lemon trees.

Tripoli is located at the centre of Peloponnese and is a city known for its important part in the modern history of Greece. Theodoros Kolokotronis, the famous general of the Greek Revolution, is a historical figure of the city since he was in charge of the operations which led to the liberation of the city in 23rd of September in 1821.